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SubjectRe: [PATCH] of: cache phandle nodes to decrease cost of of_find_node_by_phandle()

On 2/5/2018 5:53 PM, Chintan Pandya wrote:
>> My question was trying to determine whether the numbers reported above
>> are for a debug configuration or a production configuration.
> My reported numbers are from debug configuration.
>> not a production configuration, I was requesting the numbers for a
>> production configuration.
> I'm working on it. But please expect some delay in my response for this.
> As I mentioned earlier, I need to work with few teams to get these numbers.
>> show a significant boot time reduction from the patch then there is
>> less justification for adding complexity to the existing code.  I
>> prefer to use simpler data structures and algorithms __if__ extra
>> complexity does not provide any advantage.  The balance between
>> complexity and benefits is a core software engineering issue.
> Ok

Avg Kernel boot time comparison in production set up:

[0] Base: 4519ms
[1] 4115ms (~400ms improvement)
[2] 4115ms (~400ms improvement)
[3] 4177ms (~340ms improvement)

Full data:
[1] 1024 sized pre-populated cache
ITR-1 ITR-2 ITR-3 ITR-4 Avg
4115 4123 4124 4107 4115

[2] Dynamic sized cache allocation/free
ITR-1 ITR-2 ITR-3 ITR-4 Avg
4122 4131 4106 4118 4115

[3] Fixed 64 sized cache
ITR-1 ITR-2 ITR-3 ITR-4 Avg
4153 4186 4198 4181 4177

[1] is my experimental patch and dirty enough to not get merged
anywhere. So, I will not push it.

Qualcomm India Private Limited, on behalf of Qualcomm Innovation Center,
Inc. is a member of the Code Aurora Forum, a Linux Foundation
Collaborative Project

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