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SubjectRE: [PATCH v6 1/2] staging: fsl-mc: Move core bus out of staging
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Horia Geantă
> Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2018 9:18 AM
> To: Bogdan Purcareata <>;;
> Laurentiu Tudor <>; Ruxandra Ioana Ciocoi Radulescu
> <>
> Cc:;;; Razvan Stefanescu
> <>; Ioana Ciornei <>; Nipun Gupta
> <>; Roy Pledge <>;;
>;;; linux-
> Subject: Re: [PATCH v6 1/2] staging: fsl-mc: Move core bus out of staging
> On 2/5/2018 4:08 PM, Bogdan Purcareata wrote:
> > Move the source files out of staging into their final locations:
> > -mc.h include file in drivers/staging/fsl-mc/include go to
> include/linux/fsl
> > -source files in drivers/staging/fsl-mc/bus go to drivers/bus/fsl-mc
> > -overview.rst, providing an overview of DPAA2, goes to
> > Documentation/networking/dpaa2/overview.rst
> [...]
> > rename {drivers/staging/fsl-mc =>
> Documentation/networking/dpaa2}/overview.rst (100%)
> Is this the proper location for documentation?
> The doc focuses on networking, however there's also information about fsl mc
> bus, dpio.

Yes, after internal discussions we concluded it would be the best fit, since
the end usage scenario is a networking one. So far the main user of the fsl-mc
bus and dpio is dpaa2-eth, which is an Ethernet driver. It's also next to the
previous DPAA generation driver documentation at Documentation/networking/dpaa.txt.

> In the future, we might want to add doc for other dpaa2 objects sitting on the
> fsl mc bus:
> -dpseci ("Data Path SEC Interface" - abstraction for the crypto engine)
> -dpdcei ("Data Path Decompression and Compression Engine Interface")
> Would these fit under networking doc folder too?

IMO it would make sense to place them in the same Documentation/networking/dpaa2/
folder, since they're part of the same architecture. Of course, the end location
can be changed based on later feedback.

Bogdan P.

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