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SubjectRe: hid-sensor-accel-3d: Delete an error message for a failed memory allocation in hid_accel_3d_probe()

On 5 February 2018 18:26:59 GMT, SF Markus Elfring <> wrote:
>> If making changes like this I would suggest only sending one until
>> you have have a response from the relevant maintainer.
>The corresponding feedback can become more positive for such
>a transformation pattern after a while, can't it?

Not in that sort of time period.
>> It would save you time as often these sorts of changes are
>> a matter of personal taste and weighing up of costs vs gains
>> - hence it is not obvious that they will be accepted.
>Can the wording “WARNING: Possible unnecessary 'out of memory' message”
>(from the script “”) be another incentive?

No. The key word is possible. Check patch is dumb and often gives false positives.

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