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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 2/5] KVM: x86: Add IBPB support
On 02/02/2018 21:52, Alan Cox wrote:
>>> No. The AMD feature bits give us more fine-grained support for exposing
>>> IBPB or IBRS alone, so we expose those bits on Intel too.
>> But but.. that runs smack against the idea of exposing a platform that
>> is as close to emulating the real hardware as possible.
> Agreed, and it's asking for problems in the future if for example Intel
> or another non AMD vendor did ever use that leaf for something different.

Leaves starting at 0 are reserved to Intel; leaves starting at
0x80000000 are reserved to AMD.

0x40000000 to 0x400000FF (some will say 0x4FFFFFFF) are reserved to

> Now whether there ought to be an MSR range every vendor agrees is never
> implemented so software can use it is an interesting discussion.

For MSRs there is no explicit indication, but traditionally Intel is
using numbers based at 0 and AMD is using numbers based at 0xC0000000.

Furthermore, the manuals for virtualization extensions tell you that
Intel isn't planning to go beyond 0x1FFF, and AMD is planning to use
only 0xC0000000-0xC0001FFF and 0xC0010000-0xC0011FFF.



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