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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 3/7] acpi: apei: Add SEI notification type support for ARMv8
> > Yes, I know you are dong that. Your serial's patch will consider all above
> things, right?
> Assuming I got it right, yes. It currently makes the race Xie XiuQi spotted worse,
> which I want to fix too. (details on the cover letter)


> > If your patch can be consider that, this patch can based on your patchset.
> thanks.
> I'd like to pick these patches onto the end of that series, but first I want to
> know what NOTIFY_SEI means for any OS. The ACPI spec doesn't say, and
> because its asynchronous, route-able and mask-able, there are many more
> corners than NOTFIY_SEA.
> This thing is a notification using an emulated SError exception. (emulated
> because physical-SError must be routed to EL3 for firmware-first, and
> virtual-SError belongs to EL2).
> Does your firmware emulate SError exactly as the TakeException() pseudo code
> in the Arm-Arm?

Yes, it is.

> Is the emulated SError routed following the routing rules for HCR_EL2.{AMO,
> TGE}?

Yes, it is.

> What does your firmware do when it wants to emulate SError but its masked?
> (e.g.1: The physical-SError interrupted EL2 and the SPSR shows EL2 had
> PSTATE.A set.
> e.g.2: The physical-SError interrupted EL2 but HCR_EL2 indicates the
> emulated SError should go to EL1. This effectively masks SError.)

Currently we does not consider much about the mask status(SPSR).
I remember that you ever suggested firmware should reboot if the mask status is set(SPSR), right?
I ever suggest our firmware team to evaluate that, but there is no response.

I CC "liu jun" <> who is our UEFI firmware Architect, if you have firmware requirements, you can
raise again.

> Answers to these let us determine whether a bug is in the firmware or the
> kernel. If firmware is expecting the OS to do something special, I'd like to know
> about it from the beginning!

I know your meaning, thanks for raising it again.

> >>> Expose API ghes_notify_sei() to external users. External modules can
> >>> call this exposed API to parse APEI table and handle the SEI
> >>> notification.
> >>
> >> external modules? You mean called by the arch code when it gets this
> > yes, called by kernel ARCH code, such as below, I remember I have discussed
> with you.
> Sure. The phrase 'external modules' usually means the '.ko' files that live in
> /lib/modules, nothing outside the kernel tree should be doing this stuff.

I will rename 'external modules' to other name. Thanks.

> Thanks,
> James

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