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SubjectRE: [PATCH v4 0/7] typec: tcpm: Add sink side support for PPS
On 30 January 2018 13:25, Heikki Krogerus wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 03:50:48PM +0000, Adam Thomson wrote:
> > This patch set adds sink side support for the PPS feature introduced in the
> > USB PD 3.0 specification.
> >
> > The source PPS supply is represented using the Power Supply framework to provide
> > access and control APIs for dealing with it's operating voltage and current,
> > and switching between a standard PDO and PPS APDO operation. During standard
> > operation the voltage and current is read-only, but for APDO PPS these are
> > writable as well to allow for control.
> >
> > It should be noted that the keepalive for PPS is not handled within TCPM. The
> > expectation is that the external user will be required to ensure re-requests
> > occur regularly to ensure PPS remains and the source does not hard reset.
> Sorry for the late reply. I don't have any major problems with these
> other than with 6/7. The documentation should be for the psy class,
> not tcpm. I'm also not comfortable with the "select POWER_SUPPLY", but
> if Guenter does not think it's a problem, I'm fine with it. I guess we
> can always, for example, introduce stubs for the power_supply*
> functions, and drop the dependency later.
> But as usual with tcpm.c, Guenter needs to give his ACK.
> Oh yes, and Sebastian needs to ACK the power_supply changes or course.

No problem. Thanks for your time reviewing this. Not the smallest patch set so
appreciate the effort spent. Was travelling last week, but should now have a bit
of free time to take a proper look at your comments and get back to you with
some meaningful responses.

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