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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/16] Implement H3/H5 HDMI driver
Hi Maxime,

Dne torek, 27. februar 2018 ob 23:26:45 CET je Jernej Skrabec napisal(a):
> This series implements H3/H5 HDMI driver. It was tested on OrangePi 2 (H3),
> OrangePi Plus2e (H3) and OrangePi PC2 (H5) with many resolutions and it
> works well. Bug, which prevented correct operation for some resolutions,
> is also fixed.
> Code is based on linux-next, next-20180226 tag.

Today I tried on this series on next-20180228, but resolution switching
doesn't really work. The reason for this is use of clk_set_rate_exclusive() in
sun4i_tcon1_mode_set(). If I revert it to ordinary clk_set_rate() it works ok.
I investigated a bit and it seems that clocks stays at first set even if tcon
(the owner of exclusive lock) request the new one. Example:

[ 69.325732] TCON clk wanted: 148500000
[ 69.325740] TCON real clk: 69272728
[ 69.325770] HDMI clk wanted: 148500000
[ 69.325773] HDMI real clk: 138545455
[ 69.325815] HDMI PHY clk wanted: 148500000
[ 69.325819] HDMI PHY real clk: 138545454

Is there anything I can do to help debug this?

Best regards,

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