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SubjectRe: Removing architectures without upstream gcc support
On 02/23/2018 12:37 PM, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> That makes more sense, yes. I'm still unsure about this one though. Chris in
> fact made the suggestion to remove the architecture from both glibc and kernel
> as with his departure from Mellanox there is nobody left from to maintain it.
> I suggested keeping it as 'Orphaned' for the time being, given that the port
> is still in a good shape, much better than many other ports.
> The known customers that sold TileGX based appliances (Cisco, Brocade,
> Checkpoint, Mikrotik, ...) tend to have long support cycles, and there have
> been attempts at getting Debian, OpenWRT and Centos distro support
> at least a few years ago.

Note that there is tilegx-*-linux-gnu and tilepro-*-linux-gnu. Only the
latter was removed from glibc.


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