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SubjectRe: [RFT 0/7] firmware: enable caching of firmware for reboot optimization
On 28/02/18 01:20, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
> Cantabile, please give these patches a spin and let me know if it fixes
> your reported issue. They depend on other pending patches I have in line
> waiting to be merged so the easiest I thing I think is for you to test my
> 20180227-firmware-cache branch [0], based on Linus' tree. To get that
> tree, cd into your Linus git tree and do:
> git remote add mcgrof
> git checkout -b 20180227-firmware-cache mcgrof/20180227-firmware-cache
> Please let me know if this resolves your issue and thanks for your report.

I confirmed that request_firmware_cache is called, and the firmware is
loaded from the cache when resuming from hibernation. The bug is fixed.
Thank you.

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