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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2] ptr_ring: linked list fallback

On 2018年02月28日 11:28, Jason Wang wrote:
>>> Well I believe the main user for this is qdisc, which use skb array.
>>> And we
>>> can not use what implemented in this patch directly for sk_buff
>>> without some
>>> changes on the data structure.
>> Why not? skb has next and prev pointers at 1st two fields:
>> struct sk_buff {
>>          union {
>>                  struct {
>>                          /* These two members must be first. */
>>                          struct sk_buff          *next;
>>                          struct sk_buff          *prev;
>> ...
>> }
>> so it's just a question of casting to struct plist.
> Well, then the casting can only be done in skb_array implementation?

Ok, could be done in ptr ring. But still looks tricky, because of the
different meaning of prev and last.


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