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Subject[QUESTION] Bringing cross-release back to be alive

Cross-release introduced a false positive in some fs configs,
which was too hard to solve fundamentally - which requires to
distinguish between all dynamic instances.

I also think it better be removed than making fs developers
disable whole lockdep. But I believe that it's still helpful
in the rest of the configs.

Therefore, I want to bring it back after preventing bothering
them. I think we can achieve it by invalidating problematic
waiters at the moment producing a false positive and letting
them worked out finely later.

For example, in the case where we got trouble in, we can
initialize the completion in submit_bio_wait() with no-map
version. That way, we can achieve our goal easily for all
problems caused by cross-release in the future.

Of course, it would be the best if we solve the problems in a
right way later, but just leaving them invalidated would be
also fine because the cases are exactly same as before
applying cross-release.

I'm curious about what you think about that. If you say yes,
then I will re-summit after adding the work I mentioned above.


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