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SubjectRe: ftrace: Proposal for an Alternative RecordMcount framework
On Tue, 27 Feb 2018 18:04:26 +0800
Alan Kao <> wrote:

> 1. During the final linking stages, do "objdump vmlinux.o | grep ..." [2]

Note, doing it at that stage takes the longest time. It makes small
changes much longer to compile. That said...

> 2. Form the output as an ELF objecj
> 3. Link the object to __mcount_loc_start symbol
> 4. Done
> With the similar reason as the patch [3], we should mark _mcount to be
> a weak symbol to prevent it from being relaxed later.
> We would like to know your opinion and comments on this.
> Thanks!

What about just having your arch use recordmcount.c instead? It doesn't
do any grepping. It is an elf reader and modifier and modifies the .o
file directly.

Note, I will be rewriting that code in the near future too, to
consolidate it with objtool.

-- Steve

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