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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] auxdisplay: charlcd: Fix and clean up handling of x/y commands
On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 08:32:21PM +0100, Miguel Ojeda wrote:
> The current version is not parsing multiple x/y commands as the code
> originally intended. On top of that, kstrtoul() expects
> NULL-terminated strings. Finally, the code had to do two passes over
> the string, while now only one is done.
> Some explanations about the supported syntax are added as well.

Thanks Miguel for doing this. To be fair, I personally think that the code
was significantly complexified compared to the original version, just for
the purpose of using one library function designed to multiply by ten and
add a number. Not to mention that it now requires a copy before parsing.
For me it simply means that the initial code change was a wrong idea in
the end. But at least with your version, the bugs introduced by the
previous "fix" should now be gone, which is a good thing.


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