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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 3/8] efi: Decode IA32/X64 Processor Error Info Structure
On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 05:46:54PM +0000, Ghannam, Yazen wrote:
> I think there's value in following the conventions in a subsystem.

"conventions in a subsystem" my ass. That's brainless copy-pasting.

It was added by

f6edea77c8c8 ("ACPI, APEI, CPER: Cleanup CPER memory error output format")

and then replicated everywhere.

It is simply a dumb way of writing:

snprintf(newpfx, sizeof(newpfx), "%s ", pfx);

> I can change this if you give a reason besides "it's dumb".

Two can play that game: you get to keep it if you give a good reason

> We do map the spec-defined GUIDs in patch 4 of this set. I don't know if there's
> a central place where all vendor-defined GUIDs are listed. I can look into this.

Yes, at least for the most prominent ones.

> And the raw value should still be printed because
> 1) It may represent a type that we can't decode. Maybe a type that's not part of
> the spec.

If we can't decode it, *then* you dump it:

"Unrecognized type: 0x%llx ..."

> 2) It's good to have the raw value for reference. We do this with MCA_STATUS
> where we print the raw value followed by the decoding.

1. No one stares at the raw value if the bits are decoded
2. MCA_STATUS is one register - this error record is huge.

> The structs are all different even though some fields may be the same.

Fair enough. Only if it makes sense.


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