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SubjectRe: The White man: who he is - People been taking this spoken word video down for truth about white society
On Mon, 26 Feb 2018 20:06:55 +0000 wrote:

> People been taking this spoken word video down for truth about white
> society. Squelching the truth.
> Alot of folks have been wondering: why are things they way that they
> are? Many have been pondering this notion. All things have roots:
> you, me, we all do, but when we are cut from those roots we feel
> adrift in this world. Like this world is not our own. In the past
> many of us have been forcefully cut from those roots through no fault
> of our own nor of our ancestors.
> To know why things are; you must know Who the people that do them,
> are. What makes them do these things. Here's some straight truth from
> someone who has been in the game for some time
> The white man - Just Who, who really, he is (and why he do what he
> does)
> (Don't let these
> words be silenced, those against the truth try to cast it into
> darkness; and with it - what with that which what makes us human)

I don't do multimedia on internet. Could you please provide a link to
some text about it? Any text format (even .docx) is acceptable, so long
as it is not audio / video.

P.S. Posting from gmane.linux.debian.user newsgroup, so please include
debian.user in your reply, or you can directly post to my email address.

Thank you.
Abdullah Ramazanoglu

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