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SubjectRE: [PATCH 0/2] arm: Support for Renesas RZ/N1D (R9A06G032)
Hi Simon,

On 26 February 2018, Michel Pollet wrote:
> This series adds the plain basic support for booting a bare
> kernel on the RZ/N1D-DB Board. It's been trimmed to the strict
> minimum as a 'base', further patches that will add the
> rest of the support, pinctrl, clock architecture and quite
> a few others.
I spoke to Magnus about helping to get the RZ/N1 patches upstream.
We're trying to sort out making the device manual and board schematics
available, hopefully it won't take too long. We're also trying to sort out
access to a board... that might take a bit longer.

btw, what do you want to do about shmobile_defconfig? Should we add
any changes needed for RZ/N1 to it? Note that only one IP block is the
same as R-Car.


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