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SubjectRe: [PATCHv3 1/2] zsmalloc: introduce zs_huge_object() function
On (02/20/18 10:24), Minchan Kim wrote:
> Hi Sergey,


> Sorry for the long delay. I was horribly busy for a few weeks. ;-(

My turn to say "Sorry for the delay" :)

> I think it's simple enough. :)

Right. The changes are pretty trivial, that's why I kept then in
2 simple patches. Besides, I didn't want to mix zsmalloc and zram

> Can't zram ask to zsmalloc about what size is for hugeobject from?
> With that, zram can save the wartermark in itself and use it.
> What I mean is as follows,
> zram:
> size_t huge_size = _zs_huge_object(pool);
> ..
> ..
> if (comp_size >= huge_size)
> memcpy(dst, src, 4K);

Yes, can do. My plan was to keep it completely internally to zsmalloc.
Who knows, it might become smart enough one day to do something more
than just size comparison. Any reason you used that leading underscore
in _zs_huge_object()?


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