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Subject[PATCH v0 0/3] additional cumulative livepatch doc/samples
Hi Miroslav,

This is a follow up to my comment on "Re: [PATCH v8 8/8] livepatch:
Atomic replace and cumulative patches documentation".

Here's what I was working on today, I can update for v9 and squash into
a single patch or two if that fits into the patchset better. (Or Petr,
feel free to grab these and run with them if you prefer.)

I definitely agree that the complexity of the scenarios and cornercases
is starting to get out of hand, at least in keeping it all in my brain
for any period of time :)

I like the idea of transforming the growing sample set into a testsuite
of some kind. Having regression tests would ease the burden of
reviewing patches and accounting for all these use cases!

Hope these help, let me know if you'd like any modification or other

Joe Lawrence (3):
livepatch: add sample cumulative patch
livepatch: update documentation/samples for callbacks
livepatch: update documentation for shadow variables

Documentation/livepatch/callbacks.txt | 102 ++++++++++++
Documentation/livepatch/shadow-vars.txt | 24 +++
samples/livepatch/Makefile | 2 +
samples/livepatch/livepatch-callbacks-demo2.c | 162 +++++++++++++++++++
samples/livepatch/livepatch-cumulative.c | 216 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
5 files changed, 506 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 samples/livepatch/livepatch-callbacks-demo2.c
create mode 100644 samples/livepatch/livepatch-cumulative.c


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