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SubjectRe: Use of GCC plugin instead ISO C
On 02/18/2018 12:06 AM, Progyan Bhattacharya wrote:
> Hi Again,
> According to last time talked, you said me to avoid "-Werror=pedantic"
> flag to build the GNU specific plugins instead of Standard ISO C. I
> changed my default compiler flags and tried to rebuild. But I am still
> getting the same error messages at:
> CC /***/Linux/tools/objtool/arch/x86/decode.o
> All of them were arising due to same "-pedantic" flag being enabled.
> 1. Range expression in Case statements were not allowed.
> 2. Use of braced-group were not allowed in MACRO definition.
> 3. Pointer arithmetic with void pointer was not allowed.
> I took a look on related Makefiles, but found none with "-pedantic" or
> "-Werror=pedantic" flag.

I didn't find "pedantic" in any Makefiles either.

You could try (re)building with V=1 on the "make" command line and capture
the output to see where the "pedantic" is coming from.


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