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SubjectSeeking guidance on spelling fixes
I noticed a common spelling mistake in some Linux kernel code that I was
reading the other day and it made me wonder how prevalent common spelling
mistakes are in the kernel. I did some grepping and it seems that there
are a large number of spelling mistakes. I did a bit of searching and I
found ( which includes some comments/tools
relating to spelling and the Linux kernel.

I have gone ahead and corrected about 100 total instances based on 25
common misspellings. There are many, many more common misspellings that I
could check, but I don't want to sink more time into this if the changes
won't be accepted.

Is this type of change likely to be accepted? Right now I am making
individual git commits for each correction. For example "aditional ->
additional". I figured that it would be easier to review the list of
replacements rather than a mega-patch which fixes many different errors.
This way if any of the changes are controversial, I can easily rebase them

I am trying to only correct true misspellings. I'm not trying to choose
the "most correct" spelling for cases where there are acceptable alternate

I've pushed the changes I have made so far to a "spelling_fixes" branch
here: just in case
there is any question about what I am doing based on the above description.

Just to be clear, I'm not trying to get this portion of the work merged at
this point. I'm trying to get a feel for whether I should keep working on

David Frey

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