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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] fujitsu-laptop: Miscellaneous cleanups
On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 10:07:20PM +0100, Michał Kępień wrote:
> This is the second of the two patch series I started preparing back in
> June 2017 [1]. It took me this long to post it purely due to permanent
> spare time shortage, not because the changes are complicated.
> The patch series contains miscellaneous cleanups which I think are worth
> getting done before splitting fujitsu-laptop into two separate modules.
> I am not 100% sure that all the changes in the last patch in this series
> actually help, so please speak your mind.
> This patch series was tested on a Lifebook S7020. AFAICT it does not
> conflict with the recent draft patch from Jan-Marek Glogowski and may
> thus be applied independently.
> Finally, please forgive me if it takes me weeks or months to address
> review comments. It is also perfectly fine for reviews to take weeks or
> months ;)

To avoid just having to review everything again in a few months ;-) I've queued
up patches 1-5. I'll await comments to 6 and a respin of 7 based on feedback.


Darren Hart
VMware Open Source Technology Center

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