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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts: kernel_doc: fixup reporting of function identifiers

> Am 16.02.2018 um 15:56 schrieb Jonathan Corbet <>:
> On Tue, 13 Feb 2018 13:31:46 +0200
> Mike Rapoport <> wrote:
>> When function description includes brackets after the function name as
>> suggested by Documentation/doc-guide/kernel-doc, the kernel-doc script
>> omits the function name from "Scanning doc for" report.
>> Extending match for identifier name with optional brackets fixes this
>> issue.
> So let me channel akpm here and ask: what are the user-visible effects of
> this problem? I ask because applying it doesn't make any difference in
> the "make htmldocs" output here. So I don't understand why you're
> wanting to make this change.

Use kernel-doc -v and take a look on the info-messages.

In Documentation/doc-guide/kernel-doc we recommend to use

* foo() - lorem ipsum

to tag functions, but if you do so, the info message is broken,
the function name is missed at the end of the message:

../test123.c:2: info: Scanning doc for

Here is the similar patch to kernel-doc python version:

@Mike: thanks!


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