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SubjectRe: Calling Good Hackers - Xay Glu Deliar Hackers.
Den 2/11/2018 23:32, skrev Ywe Cærlyn:
> Ii is an unique time to do something good, with available source, and
> dethrone Microsoft, its dodgy background, and lack of decent thread
> prioritation Unix had already in the 70s.
> People should move to the BSD 3-clause licence though. Research shows
> that the licence becomes a symbol over longer periods of
> time, that needs to be acceptable to The Divine. BSD 3-clause is
> closest to this, and a principle of fair pay, along with the same
> philosophy, needs to be the relevant principle in what really is a
> purely business oriented environment. The dull "Gates In An Office"
> economy, also can be overtaken by a decentralized "enthusiast" fair
> pay online economy. Hackers dream come true.
> BSD will then be the relevant OS, as it is a legal variant of Unix.
> And you know your job well, and can redo relevant parts in no time.
> Be part of the Xay Glu Deliar Hackers.
> Peaceful Salutations.

While Stallmans Hacker-fetish probably belongs in the gay club, along
with related dances and lingo. "It is a fine thing to have sex with
hackers" - Unofficial Stallman Quote.

Xay Glu Deliar Hackers, or Stalliman?

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