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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/acpi: check rsdp address received via bootparams to be valid

* Juergen Gross <> wrote:

> So what about the following:
> From version 0x020e on (current version without my patches is 0x020d)
> the boot loader will write its supported version or'ed with 0x8000 into
> the same version field. So we can be sure any added fields are filled
> with real data or the information has been evaluated by the boot loader,
> if the returned version included that field. If the boot loader finds
> the kernel supports a version < 0x020e it won't return its supported
> version.

This seems like a usable workaround to me, as long as everyone involved
agrees with it.

I've removed the patches for the time being.



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