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SubjectRe: [PATCH net v4 02/13] net/8390: Fix msg_enable patch snafu
On Mon, 12 Feb 2018, David Miller wrote:

> From: Finn Thain <>
> Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 22:08:43 -0500 (EST)
> > The lib8390 module parameter 'msg_enable' doesn't do anything useful:
> > it causes an ancient version string to be logged.
> Not true.
> You need to look at the various netif_*() et al. message logging
> interfaces, they check "p->msg_enable" to determine which messages to
> print.

I think you have overlooked those modules which offer no way to set
p->msg_enable, i.e. ax88796, axnet_cs, etherh, hydra, mac8390, mcf8390,
pcnet_cs and zorro8390.

The apne, ne, ne2k-pci, smc-ultra, stnic, and wd modules are not at issue
here because they define their own msg_enable parameters and they also
assign p->msg_enable accordingly.

> I'm not applying this, sorry.

Please take another look.

> Just for the record, I consider these kinds of ancient driver cleanups
> painful to review, and unless they allow some ugly global kernel API to
> be improved or removed such changes have very little gain.

OK. When there are no users, I'll send you no patches.

But even then, I may continue to send patches to other maintainers who may
be open to the possibility of unforeseen future uses of the body of
contributed code under their care.

> In fact, most of them have a good chance to break things.

You saw the tested-by tags, right? Anyway, if you consider my previous
work, I believe you'll find that I've fixed more bugs than I've

> It is especially a dubious sequence when you cluster so many of these
> things together into a large patch series.

Sorry if that gave the wrong impression. Doing that made my workflow

> If you are really serious about fixing real bugs, post these one at a
> time, very slowly, for us to review properly and apply.
> Thank you.

Please don't feel like I'm trying to pressure you to expedite this.

FWIW, this submission was arranged so that you might cherry-pick the first
N patches, for some satisfactory value of N.

I will split up this series by driver (8390, sonic, etc) so it's more
clear which patches are independent and which patches can be reviewed



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