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SubjectRe: Dell SMBIOS initializing before backends are ready
On Thursday 08 February 2018 18:23:23 wrote:
> After Paul's recent message regarding the odd wifi issue he had a
> comment I wanted to investigate:
> dell_smbios: "No dell-smbios drivers are loaded"
> Coming up early in boot. This is a side effect of dell-smbios having two
> backend drivers that can be compiled as modules but no tie to force
> them to initialize before calls to dell_smbios_call.
> So I believe what is happening is dell_micmute_led_set is called from
> the HDA driver and calls dell_smbios_call early too.
> I haven't tried it on a platform with mic mute, but I suspect it might cause
> the mic mute LED status to be wrong initially (but corrected later when
> toggled).
> Ideas that came to mind:
> 1) In dell_smbios_call if no backends loaded, explicitly do a symbol_request
> for both backends and run initialization at that time.
> If that works, that would also resolve if someone manually unloaded both
> backends but a kernel module still tried to perform a request.
> 2) Add a notifier chain for when the driver is ready (a backend is loaded)
> to all consumers of dell_smbios_call. Don't let other modules call
> dell_smbios_call until notified.
> Don't let the HDA driver call dell_micmute_led_set either.
> 3) try_module_get during dell-smbios initialization for both the backends
> What's the correct way to address this?

I'm not really sure what is the best approach.

But in my opinion, if somebody call blocking function symbol_request()
then after function return, caller wants to use this symbol and expects
to be ready. Therefore I think that exported function
(dell_micmute_led_set) should probably ensure that everything is
initialized and after that continue... So maybe add "initialize & wait
until backends are ready" code into beginning of that function?

Pali Rohár
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