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Subject[PATCH 0/5] selftests/x86: fixes for !CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION and vsyscall=none
On systems with CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION disabled and vsyscall disabled, a
couple of selftests fail spectacularly.

Also throw in a fix for the Makefile, which still wants to build the moved
5lvl test.

Dominik Brodowski (5):
selftests/x86: 5lvl test has been moved
selftests/x86: fix vDSO selftest segfault for vsyscall=none
selftests/x86: do not rely on int $0x80 in test_mremap_vdso.c
selftests/x86: do not rely on int $0x80 in single_step_syscall.c
selftests/x86: disable tests requiring 32bit support on pure 64bit

tools/testing/selftests/x86/Makefile | 24 +++++++----
tools/testing/selftests/x86/single_step_syscall.c | 5 ++-
tools/testing/selftests/x86/test_mremap_vdso.c | 4 ++
tools/testing/selftests/x86/test_vdso.c | 50 +++++++++++++++++++----
4 files changed, 67 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)


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