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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/6] Spectre v2 updates

Paolo, Radim,

* David Woodhouse <> wrote:

> David Woodhouse (4):
> KVM: x86: Reduce retpoline performance impact in slot_handle_level_range()
> KarimAllah Ahmed (2):
> X86/nVMX: Properly set spec_ctrl and pred_cmd before merging MSRs
> KVM/nVMX: Set the CPU_BASED_USE_MSR_BITMAPS if we have a valid L02 MSR bitmap

Similarly to the previous Spectre patches I've applied these three KVM patches to
tip:x86/pti too, to keep them all in a single backportable group of commits. They
all look correct to me and solve real problems, and there's no conflict with
current upstream KVM code.

Let me know if that's OK to you or if you'd like to see any changes to them.



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