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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 2/5] scsi: hisi_sas: Relocate some code to reduce complexity
On 07/12/2018 11:07, John Garry wrote:
> On 06/12/2018 16:20, Johannes Thumshirn wrote:
>> On 06/12/2018 16:37, John Garry wrote:
>>> which is important. Let me know if you disagree and I can change it.
>> Sure, it's your driver. It was just because the patch is even titled
>> "Relocate some code to reduce complexity", so I thought of reducing the
>> complexity for readers even further (like you don't need the line wrap
>> at 80 chars, and so on).
>> Byte,
>>     Johannes
> I would rather not change if you don't mind. When we say "reduce
> complexity", we are talking about moving the DMA mapping code from the
> task prep function, as, when we add the DIX-related DMA mapping code,
> leaving all the DMA mapping code in the task prep function would make it
> a monster.


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