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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix sync. in inode_has_no_xattr()
Am 05.12.18 um 16:32 schrieb Jan Kara:
> Thinking more about this I'm not sure if this is actually the right
> solution. Because for example the write(2) can set S_NOSEC flag wrongly
> when it would race with chmod adding SUID bit. So probably we rather need
> to acquire i_rwsem in blkdev_write_iter() if file does not have S_NOSEC set
> (we don't want to acquire it unconditionally as that would heavily impact
> scalability of block device writes).
> Honza
Trying to implement your suggestion, I'm not sure which inode to use:
In blkdev_write_iter() there is the "bd_inode = bdev_file_inode(file)".
file_remove_privs() uses "inode = file_inode(file)" as a parameter for
So, do file->f_mapping->host and f->f_inode refer to the identical inode?

- Alex

Technische Universität Dortmund
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