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SubjectRe: [RFC/RFT,v7] cpuidle: New timer events oriented governor for tickless systems
From: Chen Hu <>

Hi Rafael,

I run several popular Android performance benchmarks on teov7, using kernel
4.19.0 as my baseline because I happen to work on it. To backport teov7 to
kernel 4.19.0, I also backport patch 5f26bdc: "cpuidle: menu: Fix wakeup
statistics updates for polling state". The teov7 doesn't show regressions on
such perf KPIs.

Compare "4.19 + 5f26bdc" and "4.19 + 5f26bdc + teov7" on Android with Intel
Apollo Lake SoC:

Test Case Diff after appling teov7
Antutu_6 0.51%
GFX5_openGL_Car_Chase 0.43%
GFX5_openGL_Car_Chase_offscreen 0.25%
GFX5_openGL_Manhattan31 0.75%
GFX5_openGL_Manhattan31_1080_offscreen -0.10%
Geekbench3.3 -0.13%
H264_1080P_60FPS 0.00%
H264_2160P_60FPS 0.00%
H265_2K_10bit 0.00%
H265_2K_8bit 0.00%
Resume_time 1.31%
full_boot -0.39%

Chen Hu

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