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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/7] lib/lzo: performance improvements
On 2018-11-30 15:26, Dave Rodgman wrote:
> This patch series introduces performance improvements for lzo.
> The previous version of this patchset is here:
> This version of the patchset fixes a maybe-used-uninitialized warning
> (although the previous version was still safe).
> Dave

Hi Dave,

as indicated in my previous mail please split your series into three
distinct pull requests.

Request 1 - ARM64 improvements; acked by me

[PATCH 1/8] lib/lzo: tidy-up ifdefs
[PATCH 3/8] lib/lzo: enable 64-bit CTZ on Arm
[PATCH 4/8] lib/lzo: 64-bit CTZ on arm64
[PATCH 5/8] lib/lzo: fast 8-byte copy on arm64

are simple arch patches that give a nice speedup on ARM64 and should
get merged ASAP.

Request 2 - add COPY16; *NOT* acked by me

[PATCH 2/8] lib/lzo: clean-up by introducing COPY16

is still not correct because of possible overlapping copies. I'll
address this on the weekend.

Request 3 - add lzo-rle; *NOT* acked by me

[PATCH 6/8] lib/lzo: implement run-length encoding
[PATCH 7/8] lib/lzo: separate lzo-rle from lzo
[PATCH 8/8] zram: default to lzo-rle instead of lzo

This can *NOT* be applied in the current implementation.

It (1) silently changes the compressed data format, (2) crashes on MIPS,
and (3) makes compression and decompression on typical data 10% slower on
X86_64 with our internal benchmarks, and (4) has to be carefully checked
for buffer overflows.

I understand that we want some optimizations for data with many zeros like
in the typical ZRAM use case, but the implementation will clearly need some
more work. I'll also have a look at the weekend - eg I have a nice idea
how to deal with (1).

As a final comment, I question the quality your benchmarks - combining
arch-related ARM64 improvements and algorithmic changes into one
benchmark comparision is just unprofessional marketing.


Markus Oberhumer, <>,

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