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SubjectRe: [PATCH v14 00/11] livepatch: Atomic replace feature

> > I don't have many code comments as the changes appear to safely and
> > correctly do what the say. (We are at v14 after all :) I mainly
> > compared the text and comments to the implementation and noted typos
> > (marked by substitution s/old/new) and awkward wordings (marked by
> > "re-wording suggestion"). That said, I ack'd each patch as I wouldn't
> > want these to hold up the patchset.
> Thanks a lot both you and Miroslav for the review.
> I'll give it some more days before I prepare v15. I wonder if Josh
> could find some cycle to look at it at least from the top level.

For what is worth, I'm fine with all the changes Joe proposed and you can
preserve my acks there.


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