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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/2] dt-binding: spi: Document Renesas R-Car Gen3 RPC controller bindings
On 12/05/2018 07:56 PM, Sergei Shtylyov wrote:
> On 12/04/2018 09:19 PM, Marek Vasut wrote:
>>> Document the bindings used by the Renesas R-Car Gen3 RPC SPI controller.
>> RPC is SPI and HF controller, it is not a pure SPI controller.
>> How does this deal with the HF part ? Keep in mind the bindings are ABI
>> and it will be difficult to redo them later.
> Perhaps we need a "mode" prop, maybe w/vendor prefix?

Or, like I said last time, discern it based on the DT subnode. It can be
either SPI NOR or CFI NOR.

>>> Signed-off-by: Mason Yang <>
> [...]
> MBR, Sergei

Best regards,
Marek Vasut

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