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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] ARM: dts: enable CPU frequency scaling on Meson8/Meson8b
Martin Blumenstingl <> writes:

> This series enables CPU frequency scaling on Meson8 and Meson8b. On
> these SoCs all CPU cores are using the same clock, so all cores will
> always run at the same frequency.
> On Meson8b this is pretty straight-forward by taking the frequency and
> voltage table from Amlogic's 3.10 vendor kernel and converting it to
> "operating-points-v2".
> Meson8 (which is inherited by Meson8m2) is not so straight forward:
> The 3.10 vendor kernel contains two frequency and voltage tables with
> different voltages for the same frequency. It turns out that this is
> due to the design of a specific reference board where the output
> voltage of the regulator is limited. This has nothing to do with the
> recommended voltages of the chip so this adds the "operating-points-v2"
> which are used by all boards in the vendor kernel except the special
> case.
> The two fastest (clock rates: 1.8GHz and 1.992GHz) operating points are
> causing my Meson8m2 "M8S" (not upstream yet) board to lock up hard with
> instruction errors. I'm not sure if this is due to the poor design of
> the PCB (the LED is getting darker when I switch to 1.8GHz and soon
> after that it will crash). Thus I decided to play safe and disabled
> these two frequencies for now.
> Special thanks to Jianxin from Amlogic who patiently replied to all of
> my questions about the CPU clocks (without his hints I would still be
> looking at why I'm seeing random lockups when running the CPU off
> cpu_in_div3 or why the udelay is not working properly)!
> This is successfully tested on:
> - Meson8b: Odroid-C1 and EC-100
> - Meson8m2: MXIII-Plus and my "M8S" board (the latter is not upstream
> yet) with frequencies up to 1.608GHz
> Dependencies of this series:
> - these patches are based on my other series: [0] "32-bit Meson: add
> the ARM TWD and Global Timers"
> - when not running linux-next this requires the the clock driver
> patches which are queued for v4.21: [1] "[GIT PULL] clk: meson:
> updates for v4.21"
> - when not running linux-next there is a runtime dependency on the
> meson6_timer from [2] "clocksource/meson6_timer: implement ARM
> delay timer" because changing the CPU clock requires a small udelay
> which only works properly when using a timer as clocksource (instead
> of running a jiffies based delay loop where the timing changes with
> the CPU frequency)

Thanks for the detailed description of dependencies.

Applied to v4.21/dt,


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