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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 3/9] spi: Add a driver for the Freescale/NXP QuadSPI controller
Hi Han,

On 03.12.18 21:54, Han Xu wrote:
>>> Hi Schrempf, I am reviewing and testing on some i.MX platforms, please
>> hold on for a while for the result.
>> Okay, thanks! I'm looking forward to see the results.
> Hi Schrempf, I am good with the patch set(with warning fix) and it works fine on i.MX platforms. I will add review and test tags for next version.

Ok, thanks for doing the tests. I will send the next version soon.

> I have one questions about the DDR mode support, it there any further plans for DDR mode support rather than SDR only?
I didn't look at DDR mode support yet. I guess some changes in the SPI
NOR and SPI MEM layers are necessary, before the controller drivers can
implement DDR mode support.

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