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SubjectRe: tpm_tis TPM2.0 not detected on cold boot
On 12/30/2018 8:22 AM, Michael Niewöhner wrote:
>> difference is that on a cold boot, the TPM takes longer to initialize.
> Well, as I said. Waiting for 10, 20 or even 60 seconds in the boot manager does
> not solve the problem. So the problem is NOT that the TPM takes longer to
> initialize. Even adding a delay of 20 seconds before TPM init does not solve
> that while that should be more than enough time.

This may be TPM hardware dependent. As I understand it ...

A TPM is permitted to run it's self tests in the background after an
Init (cold boot) , but it's not required to do so.

A TPM that does not - that waits until one of the self test commands is
issued - will appear to take longer to initialize.

In fact, it's not taking longer. It's just waiting for some software
to issue a self test command, and will wait forever.

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