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Subject[PATCH 0/7] microblaze: fix various problems in building boot images
This patch set fixes various issues in microblaze Makefiles.

BTW, "simpleImage.<dt>" works like a phony target to generate the
following four images, where the first three are just aliases.

- arch/microblaze/boot/simpleImage.<dt>:
identical to arch/microblaze/boot/linux.bin

- arch/microblaze/boot/simpleImage.<dt>.unstrip:
identical to vmlinux

- arch/microblaze/boot/simpleImage.<dt>.ub:
identical to arch/microblaze/boot/linux.bin.ub

- arch/microblaze/boot/simpleImage.<dt>.strip:
stripped vmlinux

I am not sure how much useful those copies are,
but, I tried my best to keep the same behavior.

IMHO, I guess DTB=<dt> would be more sensible,
but it is up to Michal.

Masahiro Yamada (7):
microblaze: fix cleaning of boot images
microblaze: adjust the help to the real behavior
microblaze: move "... is ready" message to arch/microblaze/Makefile
microblaze: fix multiple bugs in arch/microblaze/boot/Makefile
microblaze: add linux.bin* and simpleImage.* to PHONY
microblaze: fix race condition in building boot images
microblaze: remove the unneeded code just in case file copy fails

arch/microblaze/Makefile | 14 +++++++++-----
arch/microblaze/boot/Makefile | 33 +++++++++++++++++----------------
arch/microblaze/boot/dts/Makefile | 5 +----
3 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)


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