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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] mm: prototype: rid swapoff of quadratic complexity
Hi Matthew,

>> This seems terribly complicated.  You run through i_pages, record the
>> indices of the swap entries, then go back and look them up again by
>> calling shmem_getpage() which calls the incredibly complex 300 line
>> shmem_getpage_gfp().
>> Can we refactor shmem_getpage_gfp() to skip some of the checks which
>> aren't necessary when called from this path, and turn this into a nice
>> simple xas_for_each() loop which works one entry at a time?
> I shall investigate this and make this simpler as you suggested.

I have looked into this deeper. I think it would be very difficult to
consolidate the whole logic into a single xas_for_each() loop because,
we do disk io and might sleep. I have refactored the code such that it
much more readable now and I am using the same format used by

Will send out the next revision later today.



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