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SubjectRe: [PATCH V3 1/3] mmc: sdhci: add support for using external DMA devices

On 03/12/18 5:45 PM, Faiz Abbas wrote:
> Hi,
>> +static void sdhci_external_dma_prepare_data(struct sdhci_host *host,
>> + struct mmc_command *cmd)
>> +{
> Please add a condition for data == NULL here. This was already pointed
> out by Adrian in v2.
> My test with an am335x-evm failed with these patches. Looks like the
> very first SDIO commands failing.
> Currently am335x-evm is using omap_hsmmc driver. I added the following
> patch to make it work with sdhci_omap.
> Will look deeper into this. Please ping if you need any more information.

So I disabled DMA in the driver altogether and still got the same
messages on am335x-evm in PIO mode. Looks like something more is
required for it to be supported.

I instead shifted to a dra71-evm which supports both ADMA and external
DMA. Here is the log:

The interface fundamentally works but it complains with the following error:

[3.111693] Failed to request TX DMA channel.


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