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Subject[PATCH v3 0/3] hisi_sas: DIF support

This patchset introduces support to the driver for DIF (or PI -protection

We are dropping DIX support for now, based on issues discussed in the

We will only support PI in v3 hw at the moment, even though previous hw
versions also support it.

The series is broken down as follows:
- Fix pre-existing sparse warnings
- Tidy sg table size config
- Some tidy-up to accept PI support
- Add components for PI support for main and v3 driver

Difference v1->v2:
- drop scsi_prot_op_normal()

- fix sparse warnings
- drop DIX support

John Garry (1):
scsi: hisi_sas: Fix warnings detected by sparse

Xiang Chen (3):
scsi: hisi_sas: Relocate some code to reduce complexity
scsi: hisi_sas: Make sg_tablesize consistent value
scsi: hisi_sas: Add support for DIF feature for v3 hw

drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas.h | 20 ++-
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_main.c | 248 +++++++++++++++++++++++----------
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v1_hw.c | 17 +--
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v2_hw.c | 68 +++++----
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v3_hw.c | 227 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
5 files changed, 448 insertions(+), 132 deletions(-)


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