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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 00/25] Re-use nvram module
On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 1:43 AM Finn Thain <> wrote:

> This allows for removal of drivers/char/generic_nvram.c as well as some
> duplicated code in arch/powerpc/kernel/nvram_64.c. By reducing the number
> of /dev/nvram char misc device implementations, the number of bugs and
> inconsistencies is also reduced.
> This patch series reduces inconsistencies between PPC32 and PPC64, and
> between PPC_PMAC and MAC. A uniform API has benefits for userspace.
> For example, some error codes for some ioctl calls become consistent
> across PowerPC platforms. The uniform API can potentially benefit
> bootloaders that work across different platforms which all have XPRAM
> (e.g. Emile).
> I think there are two reasonable merge strategies for this patch series.
> The char misc maintainer could take the entire series. Alternatively the
> m68k maintainer could take patches 1 thru 14, and after those patches
> reach mainline the powerpc maintainer could take 15 thru 25 (even though
> patch 21 is not powerpc-related).

I had a look at the complete series now, and I think this is a great cleanup.
I replied with a couple of minor comments that you may or may not want
to address first.

The one thing I would like to see resolved (I hope this doesn't bring
back an old discussion you had already concluded) is regarding
the use of a global exported structure of function pointers, as opposed
to using either directly exported functions (with a consistent interface)
or a boot-time selectable structure like dma_map_ops or ppc_md.


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