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SubjectRe: WIP Droid 4 voice calls, GNSS & PM with a TS 27.010 serdev driver

> So the little elves have been slowly working to get voice calls
> working on droid 4 with the mainline kernel. And just in time for the
> upcoming holidays, it might be possible to call friends and
> relatives.

Thanks a lot for the Christmas present :-).

> 2. Test a voice call
> $ minicom -D /dev/motmdm1 # Then Ctrl-a-e to enable local echo
> AT # Case sensitive AT commands..
> :OK # Response uses : as separator..
> AT+CFUN=1 # Enable radio
> ~+RSSI=1,9,108,99,0,0,0
> ...
> ATD1234567890 # Dial some phone number
> D:OK
> ...
> ATH # Hang up
> H:OK

Ok, I really need SMS messages, too.

Fortunately, they are on /dev/motmdm9, in PDU format. Quite
logical. And you probably need to acknowledge them, using PDU,
too... (because otherwise you'll just get the same SMS over and over
and over). Which is also logical, but hard to do from shell/python.

Proper solution involves special support for ofonod...

Fortunately ttyUSB4 still works, so I can still use my old code... and
I started logging motmdm1 and 9 to a file as a backup... that should
be better than my existing solution. (But I don't get power benefits

Best regards,

(cesky, pictures)
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