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    Subject[PATCH v9 16/27] pwm: jz4740: Drop dependency on MACH_INGENIC, use COMPILE_TEST
    Depending on MACH_INGENIC prevent us from creating a generic kernel that
    works on more than one MIPS board. Instead, we just depend on MIPS being

    On other architectures, this driver can still be built, thanks to
    COMPILE_TEST. This is used by automated tools to find bugs, for

    Signed-off-by: Paul Cercueil <>
    Acked-by: Thierry Reding <>

    v5: New patch

    v6: No change

    v7: No change

    v8: No change

    v9: No change

    drivers/pwm/Kconfig | 2 +-
    1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

    diff --git a/drivers/pwm/Kconfig b/drivers/pwm/Kconfig
    index 0343f0c1238e..d6f62d9cdc18 100644
    --- a/drivers/pwm/Kconfig
    +++ b/drivers/pwm/Kconfig
    @@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ config PWM_IMX

    config PWM_JZ4740
    tristate "Ingenic JZ47xx PWM support"
    - depends on MACH_INGENIC
    + depends on MIPS || COMPILE_TEST
    depends on COMMON_CLK
    select INGENIC_TIMER
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