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SubjectRe: Racoh Computer (Fair Pay OS) Year End Summary (slight update/correction)
Racoh Computer design year end summary:

I have been working with the philosophy behind Racoh Computer the last half year and a bit more, an ultimate computer based on principles from my research on monotheism that has been top 1% on, and present a summary of it:

Racoh Computer Design Specification

Delyar: absolute, global online currency, decentralized and free from inflation.

FPY Licence: intended for use in a system, where fair pay transactions are done, for use, maintenance and support. Free for poor.

Islam: Coherent philosophy, replacing The Bible, as background in earlier OSs (Unix), also with a zën-concept of The Gódh, that works in our culture, Yxxyn, that has decreed "deal justly", and is the background for its Fair Pay OS reasoning and labour party politics that are similar, and work union efforts, also using The Miriam Font, for script-like text accuracy.

Ultimate Iterations Of Tech:
[1.] Screenmode: 4K (8k quadratic WR-GB subpixels) at 72.734 hz
standard, for minimal psychovisual noise, approximating reality
[2.] Sound Output: One Pole Diode Filter DA converter, for
ultrahigh speed high-frequency 1-bit stream gibbsfree DA
conversion, for a nice -110dB noisefloor.
[3] O-S: Fair Pay oriented OS, with Low-jitter filesystem, with
file attributes about re-use or not, published or not, and
royalties, in a standardized directory structure,
country/15.000 km2 region/author, with typical statistics.
[4.] CPU: Instruction set, may combine several instructions in
one clock, where it makes sense, for higher virtual frequency,
and for closer to high-level paradigm thinking. For instance, a
4pole filter (one input, one output), can be combined into a
one clock operation. JSR could take arguments. And
similary used functions, that has just one input, and one
output, can be done in one clock. And this could even be done
in parallel. (Particulary what needs ofcourse to be optimized
is the inner loop, beyond the HZ timer, which in our testing is
best at 90).
[5.] Gaming Mode: Fast Fantasymode (Reduced Rendering Surface)
For Games Gaming Mode: 1920x1080 rendering with 2x
multisampling antialiasing only,transparency multisampling also
on) for smoothing the edges just a bit, more gets blurry, and
2x anistotropic filtering, for round edges on zoomed textures
and "game profile", and also -0.1250 lod bias, for "game
profile". Negative lod bias allowed, high quality filtering,
and no trilinear optimization. Upscaled 3x by NN, and followed
by a median filter, for extrapolating a pseudo 3x res, and
resampled to 4K, with a bicubic (a=75) filter.

Beneficience: We also ofcourse fully support 3d-printed clothing, houses and tools, taking centralized efforts and technology, to decentralized growth places.

Technocracy: Supporting the development of a technocracy, where a Léad manages specialists seleted by their workgroup. This is much how internet works already, and part of information reduction to a managable level, with a standard monotheistic language.

Ywe Cærlyn.

Youtube version:

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