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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] Add support for FM radio in hcill and kill TI_ST
* Adam Ford <> [181222 20:36]:
> As much as I'd like to see the ti-st kim stuff go, I am not able to
> load the Bluetooth on the Torpedo board (wl1283). The hooks on a
> different, wl18xx and 127x board work fine. I am not sure if there is
> anything different about the wl1283, but I don't have any other boards
> other than the Logic PD Torpedo kit. Do you have any wl1283 boards to
> test? I'd like to see this BT timeout stuff resolved before we dump
> the ti-st kim stuff, otherwise, I'll forever be porting drivers. :-(

Sebastian and I both tested this with droid 4, which has wl1283. So
it's probably some missing GPIO/regulator/pinconf stuff that the
pdata-quirks.c does for you.

Maybe try adding back also the pdata-quirks.c code and see if that



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