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SubjectReason for RedHat purchase 30 pct over market cap
Redhat has achieved "governance" over the Linux(TM), via systemd and the 
Code of Conduct.

You, contributors, are now treated as employees.

They are confident that you will not assert your property rights, since
you attack those who do (See: Netfiter saga), and take it as an honour
to sign documents pledging that you will not assert your property rights
(prepared for you by your now-masters).

They know that you are psychologically bound to behave as hirelings -
servants, and not as property owners.

Thus they can rest easy knowing the ground is, though made of sand, not
in seeming danger of a tempest.

Because of you.
Because of your history of supplication.
Your enuich-like nature.

A nice example is Bradly Kuhn's recent blog posts 1) Excoriating RMS and
2) showing how he himself is submissive to a woman he hired.

He's even angry that others still treat him with respect rather than
transferring all the good will to the female figurehead everyone is
supposed to now respect (for what reason? No, being an actual programmer
is not required: sufficent is being a member of the "better" species
that rules over the males under the anglo-american system that Bradly
Kuhn and his kind uphold )

If I were them I would never donate another cent to the SFConservancy,
and I would seek a claw-back of the funds that I did donate for improper
use (yes this is possible under both California and New York law).
Especially since they seem to have no in-house lawyers what-so-ever (so
what is their purpose?).

We are supposed to be proud that his mind is as innocent as his visage
(perhaps why he had to hire outside counsel to give him an incorrect and
abundantly couched opinion)

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