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Subject[PATCH v5 0/3] Move pm_runtime accounted time to raw nsec
Move pm_runtime accounted time to raw nsec. The subject of the patchset
has changed as the 1st patch of the previous version has been queued by

Patch 1 adds a new pm_runtime interface to get accounted suspended time

Patch 2 moves drm/i915 driver on the new interface and removes access to
internal fields.

Patch 3 moves time accounting on raw ns. This patch initially used
ktime instead of raw ns but it was easier to move i915 driver on raw ns
than on ktime.

Changes since v4:
-Update commit message

Changes since v3:
- Rebase on v4.20-rc7 without patch that has been queued by Rafael
- Simplify the new interface pm_runtime_suspended_time()

Changes since v2:
- remove patch1 that has been queued by rafael
- add new interface in pm_runtime to get accounted time
- reorder patchset to prevent compilation error

Changes since v1:
- updated commit message of patch 1
- Added patches 2 & 3 to move runtime_pm accounting on raw ns

Thara Gopinath (1):
PM/runtime:Replace jiffies based accounting with ktime based

Vincent Guittot (2):
PM/runtime: Add a new interface to get accounted time
drm/i915: Move on the new pm runtime interface

drivers/base/power/runtime.c | 27 ++++++++++++++++++++++-----
drivers/base/power/sysfs.c | 11 ++++++++---
drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_pmu.c | 16 ++++++----------
drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_pmu.h | 4 ++--
include/linux/pm.h | 6 +++---
include/linux/pm_runtime.h | 2 ++
6 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)


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