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Subjectout of bounds read in drivers/net/wireless/ray_cs.c
Static analysis with CoverityScan picked up an out of bounds read issue
that has been in the Raylink wireless LAN card driver since it appeared
in the kernel:


accessing org[3] is out of bounds, the array has just 3 elements.

959 if (proto == htons(ETH_P_AARP) || proto ==
htons(ETH_P_IPX)) {
960 /* This is the selective translation table,
only 2 entries */

CID undefined (#1 of 1): Out-of-bounds read
overrun-local: Overrunning array of 3 bytes at byte offset 3 by
dereferencing pointer &((struct snaphdr_t *)ptx->var)->org[3].

961 writeb(0xf8,
962 &((struct snaphdr_t __iomem
963 }

I suspect the org[3] is a typo and should be org[2], but I don't have
any info on the H/W so I'm speculating that this is the issue. Any ideas


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