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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] livepatch: fix non-static warnings
On Fri 2018-12-14 16:34:23, Joe Lawrence wrote:
> Almost. We should only need to annotate with __noclone for those
> function definitions which the samples will be patching. As the commit
> message says, these correlate to klp_func.old_name functions found in
> objects (.ko modules or NULL for vmlinux).
> For the functions defined in samples/livepatch/*.c those would be:
> livepatch-callbacks-busymod.c :: busymod_work_func()

__noclone is not added to this function in v2. Well, I wonder
if it can be optimized when it is passed as a pointer.

> livepatch-shadow-mod.c :: dummy_alloc()
> livepatch-shadow-mod.c :: dummy_free()
> livepatch-shadow-mod.c :: dummy_check()
> So even though livepatch-shadow-fix2 further refines
> livepatch-shadow-fix1, the livepatch core is going to redirect the
> original dummy_*() calls defined by livepatch-shadow-mod.c in both fix1
> and fix2 cases. Ie, the fixes modules aren't patched, only the original.

Best Regards,

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